Right now, my dad is reading a book on palmistry and muttering to himself “I have way more lines than this book even shows..this line says I’m only going to live until 70.” then my mom chimes in (allegedly to be helpful) “Maybe you’re just going to get that finger cut off accidentally.” They are such unusual, hilarious people. I keep laughing just listening to them. 
Later, my dad and I will play our annual Christmas rock concert.

He bought an amp, so I am sure my mom is dreading the peace-shattering interruption that is our musical style. We’ve had some creative differences over the last few weeks, but I think our band has finally found its groove. I cued up an applause track for the end, just in case my mom is too awestruck to fully grasp what she just witnessed. (it’s from a Bon Jovi concert, so there’s a part where some drunk guy yells “do it for Jersey, man!” and it cracks me up every time)

Tomorrow, I get to go into Chicago and spend the evening on the beach with my friend and her boyfriend. It’s, appropriately, a full moon in cancer. A night to say goodbye to sickness and all the shit that came with it. We will drink champagne at my favorite beach and toast a year of love. A year of health and adventures to come.  I love having the holiday outside the norm. Being with friends, when the entire city is busy indoors, staying warm and doing family things. 
I will be staring up at the full moon, wondering who else is doing the same thing.Making wishes, like I always do. Hoping that maybe everything will just work itself out. I get to meet the man that is making my dear friend so very happy. Or I guess what it is, she made a decision to be happy and he came along and added everything great that he is to her picture. They made it happen together. It’s so cool when you see things work out for good people that you are rooting for.  I get to hug him and say thank you for being a truly good man, for appreciating my friend so much. I love that she has found someone who makes her feel special. I’m happy to know it. 
 Maybe a day is just a day. But I’m glad this one feels a little bit magical.

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