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One Day

Here’s some photos I took in Bhaktapur,where I met up with some clown friends who are in town from Italy. It was an epic day that began with painting my clown nose on in a taxi and ended with me sleeping on the floor so I could be close to the garbage can when I got sick. Some kind of food poison, but it’s my first in three weeks so that’s something.I am still under the covers, but my new guest room has a fan, so that means I get that good sleep. It’s not always pretty, but I think that’s part of getting past the honeymoon phase of a new place.  Sometimes it’s completely lucky, like seeing the Kumari goddess on a rare appearance and sometimes I’m getting antibiotics from Isha’s father in law and am put on bed rest.(which I love). Part of the ride, I guess. This square sustained a lot of damage in the earthquake, but the people are still getting by.It was really moving for me to visit the artistic section of the square, where people were in a blissful seeming state while creating paintings and pots. It was the first time I’d seen that here.


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